March 8 2007
Billy has formed a new band, called Circa:, with former bandmates Alan White, Tony Kaye, and Jimmy Haun. Visit the new site for Circa: at and check out the extended interview with Notes From the Edge about the formation of the band.

Visit Billy on

March 24 2006
The Conspiracy Live DVD was released March 14th 2006. Order it here.

Due to some technical issues, the inital release to the US marketing channel consisted of PAL format DVDs instead of NTSC format DVDs. Billy and Cleopatra apologize for the mixup and suggest that you simply return your DVD to the point of purchase and ask that a replacement be sent. The mixup has been corrected and the proper DVDs should be in-channel within a week or so.

December 19 2005
The Conspiracy Live DVD will be released March 14th 2006. Stay tuned for more information as it is available.

September 14 2005
Listen to the promo spot, and check out the first review for Back Against The Wall.

August 11 2005
Back Against The Wall is making news. Check out the articles on and

For folks that have been unable to see the original posting of Conspiracy Live, a second page has been set up to make things easier.

August 9 2005
The Conspiracy Live DVD is now officially signed to Cleopatra/Purple Pyramid Records for world wide distribution. The DVD includes behind the scenes bonus footage as well as a moving picture slide show, animation and Interviews with all the Conspirators.

Release date will be announced shortly.

July 15 2005
For business inquiries regarding Billy Sherwood, please contact .

June 27 2005
Conspiracy Theater is open. Check out the live video of Conspiracy.

June 17 2005
The Wall has been mixed and mastered. Click here for a display of all who are involved. (Note that you must use either Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator v.8, set to IE compatability-mode) in order to view the page).

Also, check this spot next week for something really cool.

January 2005
Tracking has started on a new tribute project for Cleopatra Records—a tribute to Pink Floyd's The Wall. Alan White has laid drum tracks for Hey You, In the Flesh, and Mother. Already involved with the project are Geoff Downes, Vinnie Colaiuta, Glenn Hugh, and Aynsley Dunbar, with many more to come. Stay tuned ...

Production has been completed on a new Conspiracy project—a DVD of live performances of many tracks from The Unknown, as well as Hold Out Your Hand, from Chris Squire's 1975 "Fish Out of Water". Multimedia samples will be posted as soon as they are ready.

Check back for samples from Billy's latest solo project No Comment, which will be posted soon.

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