October 2000
Billy will be mastering his new solo CD, now titled NO COMMENT on October 20TH at Joe Gastwirt's studio "Ocean View Digital Mastering".

September 2000
All songs for Metaphor have been written and recording is now also complete. Billy will begin mastering in a few weeks and hopes to begin designing the packaging soon as well. He continues to keep busy with jingles for Elias and Associates, as well as the occasonal game of Delta Force.

August 2000
Billy has officially been signed on as a composer at Elias and Associates (commercials jingles, film score, and TV music).

Billy has just begun a new project with Jonathan Elias, Jimi Haun, Michael Sherwood, Jay Schellan, and a host of other musicians. Tentatively called "The Unknown", the music will be "in the style of The Mahavishnu Orchestra meets Yes" to quote Billy. The project is just getting started, with all members contributing music. Billy reports that one tune has already been recorded. Stay tuned for more details as they become available.

Billy is also nearly complete with his second solo project, now titled Metaphor. He is has completed all but a few minutes of music and hopes to have it wrapped in the next couple of weeks. He describes the lyrical content as "very colorful" and "touching on everything from religion and politics to paleontology." Check back here soon for a preview of the lyrics.

Billy and Chris have also been in contact and are continuing to work out details for the second Conspiracy release, which currently has at least seven tracks, with more to be written.

July 2000
Billy has completed work on a new digital home studio, which he describes as "absolutely SWEET!". Check back later for some pictures. He also wanted mentioned that when he is not working, he can often be found online playing Delta Force 2, using the screen name 4tune, and has issued a challenge to come by "if you dare".

June 2000
"I'd like to thank all of the fans who have supported me throughout my musical journey with Yes. I am working on a new solo project - in the style of The Big Peace, which I hope to have completed soon. I am also working with Chris Squire on the second Conspiracy project, and may do some film work soon with my brother Michael. My best to you all and thank you again."

Los Angeles, California
June 2000

March 2000
Conspiracy has been released in the US. MP3 sound samples have been posted on the Conspiracy web site.

Yes is on hiatus from touring until June, when they will once again be touring North Americathis time with Kansas.

February 2000
Conspiracy is out in Europe and will be released in the US in March. MP3 sound samples have been posted on the Conspiracy web site.

Billy and Yes continue to wow fans across Europe - be sure to check out the YesNet reviews page for the most recent reviews.

January 2000
Conspiracy, Billy's project with Chris Squire will be released in March in both the United States (Purple Pyramid) and Europe (Eagle).

Billy is on a break right now, getting ready for the upcoming tour of Europe, later this winter. For more information on the tour, go to the tour page at YesWorld.com. In the meantime, here are some pictures of Billy taken last fall in San Francisco.

Read what Billy has to say in recent interviews with Cherie Vergos and The Music Street Journal.

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