December 1999
With the US and South America legs of The Ladder tour behind them, Billy and the other members of YES are taking a much-needed holiday break with their families before heading back out on the roadthis time in Europe. For tour date information, go to YesWorld.com and click on the TOUR link.

November 1999
Billy and Bryan Jensen The Ladder tour continues through the middle of next month, when the band is scheduled to take a break before heading off to Europe.

While in Seattle, YesWorld webmaster Bryan Jensen presented Billy with an early Christmas presenta copy of the first World Trade CD, which had been remastered from the original tapes.

Also in Seattle, Billy and Chris Squire gave NFTE Editor Mike Tiano an extensive interview covering the upcoming Conspiracy project. Look for that soon from Notes From the Edge.

October 1999
Billy Performing at the House of Blues- Click to EnlargeYes is currently on tour in North America America. Check out the tour page at YesWorld.com to see where Billy is today. Coming soon to this site- Billy opens up his personal photo album.

September 1999
Yes is currently on tour in South America. After completing that leg of the tour, Yes will take a short break before continuing to tour across North America.

While on break from Yes this summer, Billy completed mixing and mastering Conspiracy, the long-awaited project from Billy and Chris Squire. Please check back soon for the latest information.

August 1999
In August, after a well-deserved break after completing work on The Ladder, Billy and the other members of Yes began preparations and rehearsals for a tour of South America. Please check YesWorld for the latest tour information.

July 1999
For the latest news, read Billy's recent interview with Notes From the Edge.

June 1999
Billy was recently interviewed by Notes From the Edge. Billy discussed the making of 'The Big Peace', 'The Ladder', and other items of note. Look for that interview next week at Notes From the Edge.

Additions to the site this week on the biography page: links to Phyllis Sherwood info and links to Michael Sherwood's new site. Also, look for Billy's favorite drink.

May 1999
With recording and mixing complete on the lastest release from Yes, Billy and the other members are taking a much-needed break to spend time with their families.

Got a question for Billy? and we'll try to get it answered in an upcoming interview with Billy.

April 1999
The Big Peace was released April 13, 1999. For sound samples and reviews from Billy's fans, click here.

March 1999
Happy 34th Birthday Billy!
Sunday, March 14th was Billy's birthday. to send Billy a birthday greeting.

The track list for Billy's solo project, The Big Peace has been announced:
  1. Lesson To Be Learned 9:54
  2. Self Made World 6:50
  3. No One Really Knows 4:41
  4. Walking With the Rain 3:14
  5. One Day 2:10
  6. Call 5:52
  7. Clemency 2:10
  8. The Big Peace 15:28
Stay tuned for release date information and sound samples, coming soon...

February 1999
Michael Sherwood's 'Tangletown' While on the brief haitus from YES last December, Billy worked with his brother Michael on Michael's upcoming release Tangletown, due out later this spring.

Billy contributed backing vocals on Learning to Breathe, The Censor
and Steady as She Goes.

Additionally, Tangletown was mixed at Billy's Los Angeles area studio The Office.

Watch for more information about Tangletown in the next edition of
Notes From the Edge.

For those who have written in asking about The Big Peace, Billy says it's coming soon, and to hang in there.

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