December 2002

Tracking and mixing have been completed for Conspiracy II. Stay tuned for release date details. No Comment, Billy's long awaited followup to Big Peace should be released soon as well. Stay tuned...

Billy is now producing The Anthem, a Los Angeles area band, featuring Ryan Rabin (Trevor's son) on drums. A four track demo has been produced; stay tuned for more details.

Billy and Bob Kulick are now heading up a west coast location for Fearless Muic, an award-winning New York-based creative firm, producing music for commercials.

September 2002

Images and samples from the Todd Rundgren & His Friends CD, which was released in July, can be found here.

The Pink Floyd tribute project was released on September 3, 2002. Images and samples from The Songs of Pink Floyd can be found here.

Information about the Jack Russel project For You can be found on Jack's site.

June 2002

Todd Rundgren and His Friends Artwork and mastering are now complete. Samples and artwork will be appearing here soon. Billy performed drums, bass, keyboards, backing vocals and percussion. Bob performed rhythm guitar.

Conspiracy II The twelve minute track 'Don't Fear the Unknown', which deals with the events of 9/11, is nearly complete, and sounds "epic", according to Billy.

Jack Russell The Single 'For You' is high on the ACQB radio charts. For more details, see Jack's site.

Recording is now complete on the Pink Floyd Tribute.

Project Management Billy and Bob Kulick are now working with another Sacramento band - Last Day King.

March 2002

  • Todd Rundgren All tracks recorded and mixed. Mastering will begin next Thursday.
  • Conspiracy II About 80% done now.
  • Jack Russell All tracks have been recorded, and mixing is set to begin next week. A House of Blues tour with JR, Billy, Bob Kulick, Vinnie Colaiuta, and possibly Michael Sherwood is in the works, though no firm dates are available.
  • Pink Floyd Tribute
  • Billy was joined by Alan White, Chris Squire, and Yes' manager Jordan Berliant this week. They recorded 'Comfortably Numb' at Billy's studio 'The Office' in Los Angeles.

January 2002

    Project updates:
  • Todd Rundgren 7 tracks recorded and mixed.
  • Conspiracy Chris and Jay Schellen have laid down bass and drum tracks on a twelve minute tune entitled 'Don't Fear the Unknown', which was originally slated to be recorded by The Unknown, Billy's side project with brother Michael.

    Chris has received strong interest to develop a tour for Conspiracy. No definite plans have been made yet, though he and Billy are discussing details for a House of Blues Tour. Stay tuned...

  • Project Management 30 Round Clip have recorded six tracks for their debut album, including one track entitled 'Gunfire'. In addition 30 Round Clip, Billy and Bob are also working with a band out of Sacramento called Luxt ( More details as they evolve.

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